This is an invitation to colleagues to be part of the International Mental Health Nursing Research Conference 2020. #MHNR2020 is taking place as an exciting, free, online event over nine evenings, between Tuesday, September 15th and Friday, September 25th, as part of #mhTV.

As per the #mhTV format, #MHNR2020 speakers will be guests in a free-to-watch, livestreamed, themed panel discussion in which viewers will be able to interact using the #mhTV and #MHNR2020 hashtags.


View the full conference programme (subject to any finalising amendments)


Live streaming

Each live episode will be streamed on the Unite/MHNA Facebook Live page:


Latest episodes

01 - Community mental health care - Elissa Thompson Presentation

01 - Community mental health care - Dr Nick Weaver presentation

02 - Physical interventions - Dr Jacquie White, Dr Steve Hemingway & Dr Steve Lui

02 - Physical interventions - Michael Nash presentation

05 - Creative approaches - Robert Griffiths presentation

05 - Creative approaches - Mark Pearson presentation

06 (part 2) - Advancing practice - Helen Oldknow and Kevin Williamson presentation

06 (part 2) - Advancing practice - Dr Steve Hemingway Presentation

08 -Promoting population mental health -Steve McCarthy-Grunwald & Charlotte Pearce

08 - Promoting population mental health - Lai Chan presentation

09 - Older people and end of life care - Ben Hannigan presentation