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Official Reports 

Evaluation Report: (November 2020) A report on LB Hackney’s Family Learning Intervention Programme (FLIP): Perspectives of families and professionals: Dr. Lucille Allain; Tricia Mc Quarrie; Dr. Helen Hingley-Jones; Dr. Helen Gleeson; Diane Apeah-Kubi; Bola Ogunnaike, Sarah Lewis-Brooke

Jain B, Hafford-Letchfield T, Chandra C, O'Farrell-Pearce S, Billings B, Teacher R, Syed S., Ellmers T. & Clancy C. (2019) Assessing the Impact of the Mayhew “Therapaws” Dog-Assisted Therapy Programme on Older People in Care Homes, 31 Jul, London, Commissioned Technical/Research Report


Recent presentations

International Research symposium: Allain, L, Hingley-Jones, H, Shuttleworth, P, Davey, J, Gutierrez-Munoz, C (November 2020): ‘Contemporary perspectives on kinship care arrangements and experiences in UK and Chile’ . Coram BAAF: Fostering and Adoption Academy with specific presentation: Allain, L (November 2020): Lawyers’, Social Workers’ and Carers’ Perspectives on Special Guardianship for Children: Moral dilemmas and court processes

Allain L and Hingley-Jones H (10 November 2020) ‘Shifting sands: Researching carers’ and professionals’ dilemmas in the changing world of Special Guardianship and Connected Persons Placements: issues for practice’. Kings College London:  The Health & Social Care Workforce Research Unit: Contemporary Issues & Debates in Social Work Education, Research & Practice

Lewis-Brooke, S, Bell, Linda and Herring, Rachel and Lehane, L, O’Farrell Pearce, S and So, T (2017) Mothers apart: an action research project based on partnership between a local authority and a university in London, England. Revista de Asistentã Socialã (3). pp. 5-15. ISSN 1583-0608 Item availability restricted.

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